Tuesday, January 19, 2016

The 3 Most Interesting Companies I Saw At The JP Morgan Health Conference

I spent four days and speaking or listening to dozens of healthcare executives during JP Morgan’s annual healthcare conference. The main take-away was that it’s an orgy of financial engineering and incrementalism that will worsen healthcare’s hyperinflation with little or no focus on Quadruple Aim objectives . There were three notable exceptions that are already having a big impact but are likely to have an exponentially bigger impact in the coming months and years. These three organizations realize that other than the professional competence of the clinicians who are the bedrock of the healthcare system, healthcare is in need of radical surgery versus a nip and tuck . It's clear that one can’t sustainably change the healthcare system without intertwining a reinvention of how financial rewards work. They are the prototype organizations that embody the Health Rosetta approach to purchasing and delivering care.

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