Tuesday, January 19, 2016

30 Under 30 Europe List For Science And Healthcare: Drones, Robots, Optics And Organoids We're Looking For

The concept of a 30 Under 30 list for anything, but especially science, draws criticism about arbitrary age cutoffs and the limitations that a rigid academic system places on doing anything by age 30. These critiques are legitimate. But as I reviewed the recipients of the first-ever Forbes 30 Under 30 Europe recognition in Science and Healthcare, I experienced a feeling that doesn’t overwhelm me often in these rocky times: a new hope. I find it inspiring to see what these young people are doing, where technology, science and healthcare might be going even in my lifetime and certainly in theirs, and the spirit of risk-taking, ingenuity, and digging into hard work that led them to be on this list. Their ideas and research are exploding onto the world stage for everyone to see, for everyone to watch. It’s a pleasure to have a front-row seat. Big themes in this group include an emphasis on energy and environmental problems we face. A striking percentage of the people on this list look to Elon Musk as a dream mentor, but others listed Angela Merkel and Melinda Gates, and the now inaccessible Albert Einstein and Marie Curie also made some wishlists. Some honorees are night owls, some are early birds, and some are both.

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